An Analysis/Rant About the Core Characters of HBO's "Girls"

by Chelsea Merget

1. Hannah Horvath

From episode 1, Hannah rubbed me the wrong way. She is clearly spoiled and it's almost offensive that she basically threw a temper tantrum after being asked to support herself at 24. She fancies herself funny and intelligent, but still has serious, deep-seeded body image issues. The funniest part is that she thinks this problem is unique to her. She also attaches to someone who makes her feel like crap. Why do women do that? She is relate-able on some level, but most of the time I just wanna punch her whiny, little mouth.

2. Marnie Michaels

Marnie is a little too high-strung for me. She has a great job, a beautiful apartment and a perfect boyfriend. Not to mention she looks like a super model. But no, it's still not enough. I don't feel bad for you. Stop. Just stop.

3. Jessa Johansson

First of all, everything she wears makes me angry. She likes to think she is such a seductress. Jessa truly believes she draws all her power from her sexual conquests. Oh wow, you can get men to sleep with you, but can you get them to stick around? I didn't think so. "I cannot be smoten." C'mon. She gets what she wants, when she wants it. Her character is supposed to be this free spirit, when in fact she is just an oblivious, self-absorbed biddie. Unacceptable.

4. Shoshanna Shapiro

Of all the girls, Shoshanna is the least hateable. It's kind of sad that she is almost ridiculed for being a virgin. I mean with a cousin like Jessa, I'd have a pretty messed up view of sex too. Shoshanna definitely is annoying in her innocent way, but you can't help but feel bad for her. No one wants to bear the burden of taking her virginity. I just want her to become a badass already.
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Published on 09.07.2012