Top 100 Food Bloggers

by Chelsea Merget

1. Recipe Girl


Fresh corn, zucchini and tomato salad.

Along with all of her awesome contributions in the industry on the corporate end, Recipe Girl also creates and shares original recipes on her food blog. Her experience level is obvious with her breadth of knowledge about food.  We can look forward to Recipe Girl's new cookbook in Spring 2013!

2. Serious Eats


Barbecue Bacon Burgers

Serious Eats is never afraid to break out the decadent dishes.  Clearly this BBQ bacon burger means business.  Serious Eats also finds specialty dishes in places ranging from Israel to the Hamptons.  This food blog encourages you to get out there and explore!

3. The Pioneer Woman


Strawberry Sparkle Cake

The Pioneer Woman lets us into her world, with her fantastic recipes as only one facet.  She really plays up her fun, country side with her "Cowboy" and "Cowgirl" recipes.  Find your inner rancher and enjoy some country cookin'.

4. Mama Loves Food


Fall off the bone pork BBQ ribs

Mama Loves Food explores so many different types of food because "my food obsessions have changed (and will probably keep changing!)." Find pretty much any kind of food that strikes your fancy here.

5. Food & Wine


Pappardelle with clams, turmeric and habaneros.

Food & Wine is full of excellent entertaining dishes.  Between all the yummy drink recipes and impressive hors d'oeuvres, you are sure to host the fanciest party on the block. 

6. Vegan Coach


Vegan Chicken Divan Soup

Obviously Vegan Coach is an excellent resource for vegans and vegetarians, but is also full of tastey options for those that are "Veg-curious."  With just the right amount of sass, Vegan Coach makes vegan dining easy and delicious for everyone.

7. Savvy Vegetarian


Vegan Blueberry Streusel Cake

The Savvy Vegetarian can definitely help you shape up your diet and lifestyle.  Not only does this food blog go into depth about how vegetarianism can be possible for any body type or season, but it has so many yummy recipes! 

8. Big Girls Small Kitchen


Arugula Caprese Salad

Big Girls Small Kitchen know their audience of twenty-somethings. They know that young people need afforable, quick recipes that are still filling and delicious. Man, do they deliver. They go beyond just the recipes; they actually help more novice cooks navigate their kitchens and provide invaluable tips and tricks.

9. Just Cook Already


Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

Just Cook Already focuses on the family aspect of the meal and provides readers with recipes that are "good, ulifting, energizing and healthy (for the most part)."  Just Cook Already prides itself on having contributors that are not professionals, but "everyday mothers, wives, sisters, friends and daughters."

10. Brown Eyed Baker


Cheddar, Jalape

11. Closet Cooking


Black Forrest Pancakes

Closet Cooking knows what it's like to be limited on counter space.  He also knows what it's like to be tired of what you eat! His blog is inspired by his urge to never want to eat a boring meal again! Those black forrest pancakes look far from boring...

12. Lick the Bowl Good


Blueberry Lemon Bars

Lick the Bowl Good definitely showcases the authors love for baking.  The blog is powered by her passion for cooking and close ties with her family.  Many of her recipes use delicious, seasonal fruits. Who could resist?

13. Sunday Suppers


Roast Beef, Hardboiled Egg, Red Onion, Aioli and Capers

Sunday Suppers strives to bring together people to make fresh, seasonal dishes.  These classes are held by local chefs in Brooklyn, NY, but because space is limited, all the recipes used in the classes are made available to their blog readers.  Sunday Suppers definitely works to bring friends and families together. What better way to do that then through yummy food?

14. Steamy Kitchen


Pork Belly Buns

Between her food column, television cooking appearances and her award winning blog, the author of Steamy Kitchen clearly knows her stuff.  Find easy and user-friendly recipes on her blog and impress your friends and family. 

15. Weelicious


Strawberry Parfait

Weelicious has tons of recipes that are kid-friendly! Cooking is a great way to spend time and have fun with your child. Plus they will know what they are doing when they move out of the house.

16. My New Roots


Minty Black Bean Salad

My New Roots values both nutrition and taste.  The award-winning blog features healthy, vegetarian friendly dishes that go outside the box of traditional healthy diet suggestions. Broaden your veggie horizons.

17. Our Best Bites


Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies

Our Best Bites is written by two wives and mothers who just enjoy the simple joy that cooking brings. This is exemplified through their fun, homey and delicious recipes! 

18. Better Homes and Gardens


Grilled Veggie Recipes

Everyone knows this classic resource for improving the home.  Their recipes are no exception. So many great options for the family, friends and you.

19. Mama and Baby Love


Fig Pie

Mama and Baby Love is inspired by a love that is unique to only a mother and a daughter.  Along with other bonding opportunities like mother-daughter yoga, Mama and Baby Love shares tons of excellent recipes that are fun and easy to make with AND for the family.

20. Women's Health Magazine


Raspberry Macarons

Women's Health Magazine obviously focuses on the health and beauty of women.  Diet is definitely one of the most important parts of a healthy, happy lifestyle.Women's Health makes it easy to love your snacks and your body at the same time.

21. Greatist


Stone Fruit Salad with Lemon-Lavender Syrup

Greatist definitely highlights the healthy part of eating and cooking.  The blog showcases the ease of leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it provide awesome, nutritious recipes, it also drops tons of knowledge about food and healthy living on its readers.

22. Skinny Taste


Crustless Summer Zucchini Pie

Put simply, Skinny Taste makes eating healthier a lot easier because they use more than just fruits and veggies.  Skinny Taste dares to use carbs, sweets and meats to make for a tastey and wise dining choice.

23. f0o0od


Hasselback Caprese Salad

This site is both fun to read and fun to use. Pictures are very powerful in the world of food and f0o0od definitely knows it.  This blog really functions as a great connection tool for tons of other food bloggers and highlights excellent work done out there in cyberspace.

24. Health Heaven


Sushi Salad

Health Heaven uses recipes that are extremely compatible with intense workout routines.  In addition to all the awesome food they showcase, Health Heaven provides excellent tips for workouts and overall healthy living, complete with  grocery lists and motivational tools.

25. All Women Stalk


Raspberry, Brie, and Blue Grilled Cheese

With it's Pinterest-like setup, All Women Stalk is a woman's best friend.  Their great advice and tips are not limited to food, even though that's really all it would take to make you love this site. 

26. Whisk


French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze

Whisk is powered and inspired by the magic and warmth that takes place in the kitchen.  The passion of this author is so clear that you can tell the effort put into every recipe is genuine.

27. Vegan Yack Attack


Grilled Sourdough Sammie with Jalape

28. Three Many Cooks


Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

Three Many Cooks centers around family values and the importance of the kitchen in the home. These three women really take pride in bringing their families closer through the use of fantastic food. 

29. Emily Bites


Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Emily Bites caters to the chef in all of us. "With my (lack of) cooking background, naturally I was proud of myself for creating dishes that used actual ingredients."  She makes it very clear that anyone can cook and cook well.

30. Terri\'s Table


Ricotta Gnudi with Wild Mushroom and Truffle Sauce

Terri's Table shares a huyge variety of recipes, carefully describing and explaining every step to ensure the best turn out.  This blog is full of dishes that are sure to impress.

31. Delish


Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta

Delish uses a fun, interactive setup to engage the reader right away.  Not only does it provide tasty recipes, but also shares awesome tips and knowledge about food.

32. Yum Sugar


Asparagus Ribbon Pizza

Yum Sugar channels the party planner in you by sharing recipes that are excellent for large groups.  With gorgeous photography and huge variety, Yum Sugar keeps its readers happy and full.

33. So Wonderful So Marvelous


S'Mores Cheesecake

So Wonderful So Marvelous is written from the perspective of a spunky and entertaining stay-at-home mom who completely loves her life. Her positivity radiates through the site and makes the recipes that much more fun.

34. Daily Bites



35. The Kitchn


Croatian Stonska Torta

The Kitchn helps readers with all things cooking related.  From kitchen tools to cookbooks, The Kitchn is such a helpful tool for any cook. Plus all of their recipes are definitely outside the box.

36. Semi Homemade Mom


Tropical Ambrosia Salad

Semi Homemade Mom has so many awesome recipes that fit pretty much any budget.  For a woman with two adorable kids, she seems to have a good amount of time to try out all these great dishes. And we're glad that she does! 

37. Can You Stay For Dinner?


Cornbread BLTs with Creamy Blue Cheese

"Cooking and baking are at least half of who I am. The other half is chocolate." How could you argue with that mentality? Can You Stay For Dinner has us smitten with its delectable selection.  Not to mention the author's story about losing 135 lbs. is completely inspiring.  

38. Annie Eats


Okra Cornmeal Cakes with Ch

39. Picky Palate


Sweet Chili Glazed and Walnut Crusted Tilapia with Roasted Asparagus

Picky Palate caters to, you guessed it, picky eaters! The writer is a mother of 2 (soon to be 3) and all are not the easiest to please at the dinner table. She provides readers with excellent, healthy suggestions for all the picky eaters out there. 

40. Healthy Delicious


Miso-Roasted Salmon Salads

"Cooking was never daunting to me. Instead, it was a chance to create what I wanted to eat." The author of Healthy Delicious is inspired by her long history in the kitchen, dating back to when she was only 10 years old! She is an excellent example of the idea that anyone can cook.  Her meals are always very well-balanced and beautfiully presented.

41. Cookin' Up North


Watermelon Salsa

Cookin' Up North is full of great down-home recipes.  The author remains casual and conversational with her audience, making her very relatable and fun.  All of her recipes are great for the family.

42. Chocolate & Carrots


Chocolate Creme Trifle Jars

Along with the sleek, modern design of the blog, Chocolate & Carrots is very user-friendly.  The site is very simple and makes it easy to find what you are looking for. All of the recipes are super creative and fun too!

43. Inspired RD


Slow Cooker Bison Stew

Inspired RD is written by a Registered Dietician (RD) and showcases all the steps to a healthy lifestyle.  Who knew that there were so many healthy options that looked this amazing?!

44. Divas Can Cook


Fresh Blueberry Crumb Pie

Divas Can Cook is definitely full of old-fashioned, traditional recipes, which we all love. The home page alone gets our mouths watering. 

45. Smitten Kitchen


Bacon Corn Hash

How could you not be smitten with everything on this blog? Specializing in comfort foods, Smitten Kitchen knows just how to feed its readers.  They also do readers the favor of giving basic tutorials like "How to Poach an Egg." This site actually had us at "Hello."

46. The Passionfruit


Pasta Al Crudaiola

The Passionfruit offers a huge variety of recipes, so you are sure to find one (or several) that you absolutely love. We definitely did.

47. A Cat in the Kitchen


Chicken skewers with sweet chili and peanut dipping sauce

A Cat in the Kitchen uses tons of fun, experimental recipes, very exciting for adventurous cooks. The writer is very powered by pleasing others with her treats and by wanting to please others, you know the product will be great.

48. Alosha's Kitchen


One Pot Chicken, Corn, Peppers and Onions

Alosha's Kitchen is definitely ALL about the food.  Awesome, through recipes with great pictures. A personal favorite is that she gives personal testimony about all the dishes.

49. Baking Sheet


Chocolate Mint Sticks

Baking amazingness. Plain and simple. 

50. Blog Appetit


Old World Food Truck Schnitzel

Blog Appetit focuses on making simple, quality recipes. Many of the recipes are very adventurous and take the path untrodden. Ever thought about making schnitzel? Neither had we.

51. Tartelette


Heirloom Tomato Tarts & Panzanella Salad

Something that we find most admirable about the author of Tartelette is that she is an adorer of life. And this is most definitely exhibited through her fresh and seasonal recipes. 

52. Gluten-Free Girl


Spicy escarole with sausage and tomatoes.

Not only does Gluten-Free Girl provide us with awesome recipes, she always brings a great story to the table. To her life is an experience and it is only enhanced with food.

53. Chocolate & Zucchini


Fig and Mozzarella Warm Sandwich

Who better to borrow from than a Parisian foodie?! Chocolate and Zucchini is written by a French food lover wanting to share her favorite recipes with the world.

54. Gluten-Free Goddess


Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins

Gluten-Free Goddess makes going gluten-free or vegan so easy.  Along with motivational tips and tricks, all of the recipes look awesome, making changing your diet seamless.

55. Homesick Texan


Peach jalape

56. The Amateur Gourmet


Blackberry Buttermilk Snacking Cake

The Amateur Gourmet's author has a passion for food that is completely internally fueled and as genuine as it gets. He is a published author ( 

57. Delicious Days



58. Pinch My Salt


Creamy Coleslaw with Bacon and Blue Cheese

Inspired by the tastes of Sicily, Pinch My Salt's author writes about food with imagination and creativity as her main tools. You will find an excellent variety of tastey treats here.

59. Taste Spotting


Lemon Balm Yogurt Donuts with Blackberry Glaze

Taste Spotting shows readers countless talented bloggers by featuring gorgeous dishes.  It's the Google of food blogging. Find your next favorite here.

60. Baking Bites


Homemade Thin Mints

Baking Bites provides not only excellent recipes, but food news, cooking tips and culinary inspiration to its readers.  Baking Bites has also made several impressive lists of food blogs across the world. We definitely see why!

61. David Lebovitz


Party-pan Pizza

With much experience in the food world, David Lebovitz is a fantastic resource for foodies. He has also written 6 fantastic books about the awesomeness of cooking. Enjoy.

62. Bakerella


Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Bakerella brings tons of great dessert recipes to readers that are fun and easy.  The blog strives to be both a guide and inspiration to beautiful baked goods.

63. 101 Cookbooks


Liptauer Cheese Crostini

101 Cookbooks serves as a food journal for the author and really highlights her personality in her cooking.  The personal touch to the site makes recipes seem less intimidating and more exciting.

64. Bake or Break


Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Pie

Bake or Break is a wonderful compilation of both others' recipes and the authors own creations.  Her inspiration is heavily influenced by her memories of home-cooked meals with Grandma and have a very homey, comfortable feel to them.

65. Bittersweet Blog


Postre Chaj

66. Blue Kitchen


Cucumber Avocado Soup with Radish Garnish

"You won

67. Lara Ferroni


Chocolate Guinness Cake with Whiskey Caramel

While Lara Ferroni's main focus is her photography, her blog remains to be a resource for all these great new foods. It's fun to see how beautiful food can be. 

68. Confessions of a Cardamom Addict


Bumbleberry Grunt

"At its essence Confessions of a Cardamom Addict is diarisation of the edible kind." Beautifully put. Follow the life of a woman who has fantastic taste.

69. Dessert First


Apricot and Lemon Verbena Pops

The author of Dessert First is a professional pastry chef living in the Bay Area of California.  "My creativity is charged by everything around me: cookbooks, pastry chefs I admire, restaurants I visit, the sights and smells as I walk down the street." Broad influence makes for great variety.

70. Mekuno


Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Mekuno is full of perfect dishes for both huge and small groups.  The author writes with an encouraging voice, knowing that learning new recipes isn't always easy, but it can always be fun.

71. Talk of Tomatoes


Almond stuffed, bacon wrapped dates

Talk of Tomatoes is really driven by the authors curiosity about food and her abilities in the kitchen. A few cookbooks are in the works. Can't wait to see what she has to share with the culinary world!

72. The Traveler's Lunchbox


Holy-Grail Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Traveler's Lunchbox brings world-wide food variety to its readers.  With global inspiration, the Traveler's Lunchbox is sure to catch your eye on one continent or another.

73. Vegalicious


Sour Cherry Pierogi

Vegalicious makes becoming a vegan as easy as pie.  "Once the decision has been made to become vegan, we believe the key to staying on a vegan diet is having a wide variety of meals that satisfy your

74. 80 Breakfasts


Baked Egg in Avocado

If you are a person who wants breakfast all day every day, 80 Breakfasts should be your first stop. You definitely won't be disappointed.

75. AApplemint


Chocolate Marquise Cake

AApplemint has some serious decadence featured on the blog.  Treat yourself to something beautiful, tasty, and daring on this site.

76. Coconut & Lime


3 Chile Pork Tacos

"I am now a professional recipe developer, food columnist, cookbook author and food photographer." Clearly the author of Coconut & Lime knows her stuff. So many exciting options to be found here.

77. Eat the Love


Apricot, Sweet Cherry and Plum Vanilla Spiced Pie

" Baking may be science, but it

78. I Made That


Apple Custard Cake

Impress yourself with what you can actually make in the kitchen.  I Made That bring recipes to the table that are easy to make, but still striking and beautifully presented.

79. Lottie & Doof


Marinated Mozzarella

"I started thinking about the role the domestic space plays in politics and the formation of opinion (the domestic space as a potentially radical or dangerous space?) as well as the role gender plays in the preparation of food." The writer behind Lottie & Doof brings a new dimension to cooking.  He challenges readers to break away from social norms and pursue whatever it is that you love. We love pretty much all of his dishes and are in hot pursuit.

80. The Wednesday Chef


Banana Coconut Bread

The author of The Wedenesday Chef brings a personal touch to her recipes by sharing the anecdotes behind them with her readers.  It brings the cooking experience closer to home.

81. The Bitten Word


Grilled Peach, Vidalia Onion and Bacon Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

The Bitten Word is written by two very talented, male chefs. Their blog is written in a casual, inviting voice and their recipes are seriously to die for. They have a few interviews available online. Check them out!

82. Cookbook Archaeology


Pork Chops Charcutiere

The inspiration for Cookbook Archaeology is rooted heavily in the history of cooking.  "Think of me rather as a Cookbook Indiana Jones scouring the strata of my shelves in search of any number of Holy Grails: the best refrigerator cookies from the 50s, new flavor combos from Ancient Rome, esoteric country-style forcemeats." Brilliant.

83. Momofuku For 2


Ginger Fried Rice Recipe

Momofuku For 2 is written by a die hard noodle lover and is completely in love with the Momofuku cookbook.  "I sat myself on the couch and read the entire book cover to cover on Christmas Day. It was the best cookbook I ever read." This charming blog documents her adventures making all of the Momofuku dishes.

84. Nose to Tail at Home


St. John

85. Food 52


Summer Weekend Pasta

Food 52 is a site made to cater to recipe sharers. "We wanted to give people from all over the world a way to exchange their ideas and to celebrate each other

86. Everybody Likes Sandwiches


Cappuccino Bars

"Everybody Likes Sandwiches is about the joy in preparing fresh food simply."  Who could argue with that? Simplicity in a recipe makes taking on new dishes that much easier. Expand your recipe repertoire here for sure.

87. Matt Bites


Chili Rubbed Salmon with Cilantro Avocado Salsa

"I believe food unites us." Matt Bites is written by a man who truly believes in the power of food. Matt Bites has been recognize by several acclaimed bloggers, even charter members of Martha's Circle. He obviously knows what he's talking about. 

88. Sassy Radish


Zucchini green garlic latkes

The Sassy Radish writer is dedicated in helping her readers perfect their techniques in the kitchen, whether they are beginners or seasoned cooks. Check out her new cookbook coming out this November, The Kimchi Cookbook.

89. The Dog's Breakfast


Steak au poivre

The Dog's Breakfast is a prime example of adventurous and experimental cooking. Never a dull moment in this kitchen. "Sometimes it

90. Mommy's Kitchen


Honey Bun Cake

A food blog dedicated to pleasing picky eaters, Mommy's Kitchen is full of simple, tasty and kid-friendly recipes. Definitely a great selection of homemade favorites.

91. Rasa Malaysia


Thai Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce

Put simply, Rasa Malaysia is a great compilation of easy Asian recipes.  It has tons of other baking and American recipes as well, but these Asian recipes really shine. Why order takeout when you can just make it yourself?!

92. Joy the Baker


Sweet Corn Biscuits

"Between my kitchen loving parents, the clinking cake pans, and the flying flour, it became clear that baking is in my blood." Joy the Baker is a blog that is fun and adventurous for any baker. Simple as that.

93. Cooking For Engineers


Beef Stroganoff

Cooking for Engineers is just that. This blog is full of food information ideal for the analytical mind and written from a unique perspective in comparison to most food blogs. A new spin on cooking. 

94. The Naked Beet


Winter carrots and olive tapenade

"This blog is an expression of her love for making in the kitchen: a love of tasty pastries (beets are naturally sweet), a love of soups for every season (beets are good in all weather), and entertaining friends (because one beet is never enough)." Nuff said. Phenomenal recipes.

95. Munchin' With Munchkin


Thai Chicken Pizza

This authors passion for food and photography is exhibited through Munchin' With Munchkin very clearly. "I consider cooking the unrecognized fine art. It takes creativity and passion to create a delectable meal of your own. Be proud of what you create in the kitchen!"

96. Mommie Cooks


Grilled Sausage Pepper and Onion Flatbread

"My recipes are a true representation of what my family eats on a weekly basis; real meals for real families with real taste-pleasing ingredients." Mommie Cooks is definitely a blog with the family in mind. You can please everyone with these recipes.

97. Bitchin' Camero


Butternut Squash & Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie


98. Eats Well With Others


Cherry Nutella Hand Pies

"Ever wonder what would have happened if Carrie Bradshaw had gone to medical school and filled her two by nothing New York apartment with cookbooks instead of shoes? Wonder no more." Eats Well With Others features tons of fun, crazy recipes. Challenge yourself!

99. Heather Christo Cooks


Goat Cheese Hush Puppies

The author of Heather Christo Cooks "is focused on finishing a book dedicated to bringing back the ideals of classic entertaining, a how-to book that embraces both formal and casual entertaining

100. Just One Cookbook


Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

"The name Just One Cookbook came from my passion to make just one cookbook of the family recipes so that I can save all the recipes my family enjoys in one area and one day I want to pass this on to my children." Who doesn't want one cookbook where all your favorites are consolidated? 

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